The Deliverance Centre has been worshipping in the Reading area for over 40 years. A Christian organisation in the Pentecostal and Evangelical tradition, serving the community with the unadulterated delivery of biblical teachings and practical support through various community projects.

The focus of The Deliverance Centre is to help individuals realise their destiny, trough the word of God, and aim to be the best they can be by following their dreams and goals.

Rev. Dr. Joel Thomas is the Senior Pastor at The Deliverance Centre. He has a genuine and caring passion for Reading and believes wholeheartedly that lives can be changed through faith in God.

Joel is a great motivator and encourages everyone to maximise his and her potential by recognising ‘you are a person of destiny’. Joel has served The Deliverance Centre over the last 20 years along with his wife, Jemis and three children, Tyrone, Marie and Rebekah.

A multi-cultural organisation representing over 20 different nationalities, The Deliverance Centre has a regular Sunday attendance of over 500 members. A dynamic and charismatic gathering that is warm, friendly, inviting and certainly unforgettable.