Welcome to DCYZ!


  • We will identify the needs within the community regarding young people.
  • We will identify the gifts and talents of our young people.
  • We will empower our young people to succeed regardless of their circumstances.
  • We will empower our young people to realise and fulfil their potential.
  • We will deploy our young people into the local and wider community to effect positive change.
  • We will deploy our young people to inspire others to reach their potential.



A place where youths between the ages of 5 and 24 can come and enjoy a relaxed and nonthreatening environment while being challenged and helped to better themselves in many different aspects of their lives.

We have a number of programs running that our young people can choose to take part in from week to week:

The Homework Club

Provides academic assistance and tutoring in many subject areas. We have seen marked improvement in the grades of the young people that take part in the Homework Club.


Is our youth mentoring program which helps them to deal with the issues that they face in their lives as they grow and have different experiences. This is run in a group format by a qualified counselling practitioner.

The Sports Zone

Is an informal setup where youths can release that extra energy they always seem to have. Here they learn team work and a level of discipline while also keeping them fit.

If you wish to find out more about DCYZ please visit our website by clicking here.