Welcome to the Missionary Ministry!


To cultivate a Missionary presence that encompasses the global COGWWMI Vision.

Raise Funds to set up a Reading Missionary Account for the purpose of helping Church Missions within COGWWMI to achieve the objectives:

  • Planting and Establishing branch Churches
  • Discipling new converts in the Churches
  • Provision of appropriate literature and
  • Gospel Outreach
  • Participating in Community-based projects
  • Encouraging Youth to undertake Mission work


  •  To organise at least 2 fundraising events in a year
  • To support financially or materially one
  • Mission project as and when necessary every year
  • To raise Finance through international contacts
  • To raise the profile of the Missionary Department in the Church website

If you wish to find out some more information about the Missionary Group please contact us here