A Word from Pastor


As you read this text, what are your thoughts about going to church? Maybe you have never considered it or have thought that it would be something you would like to do, if not now but in the future. Perhaps you have had a bad experience and decided not to attend church service again or you are angry with God for an incident that has affected your life.

Whatever your thoughts are, one thing is absolutely certain and that is Jesus Christ loves you.

Going to church or being Christian is not about being perfect and living perfect lives. It is also not about doing the right thing all the time. God is not interested in whether we are a saint or criminal, young or old, male or female. The only thing that is important to God is that you live a fulfilled life and achieve your God given purpose and destiny through his son, Jesus Christ.

My wife, Jemis, and I would like to personally invite you to The Deliverance Centre so you can hear what God has to say to you about the life He has pre-destined you to have.

Some of us face many challenges to achieve our life’s ambitions and goals, but I want to encourage you to not give up hope, because there is potential inside of you and with God all things are possible!

The Deliverance Centre is a wonderful place where people can worship God and is a warm, friendly and caring environment.

I will be looking for you this week but if I don’t see you, Jemis and I will certainly be praying for you.

God bless you!

Rev. Dr. Joel Thomas